Where to use

TRIGA® offers custom display systems that are ideal for exhibitions, product launches and other events.


We also have bespoke solutions for showrooms, hospitality, retail and interior design. Our system allows for seamless integration with other traditional set building components allowing you to enhance existing structures and really bring to life any environment.


With the TRIGA® framework cleverly hidden behind the graphic all you see is the content of the graphic…not the support structure.

Triga Exhibitions Displays



TRIGA offers custom display systems that are ideal for experiential display, product launches and other events within an exhibition environment. Triga fits easily into space only as well as shell scheme locations with single and double-sided options available.


Not only is it easy and quick to set up your stand, it also allows you to optimise the use of your exhibition space by creating an uncluttered ergonomic space where the brand on display can become the sole focus. Towers up to 5m high as well as branded reception desks and fabric back wall, all using fabric as the display print.

Triga Showroom Displays



A key consideration when undertaking vehicle promotions is that they occupy a very large display space in exhibition or product launch areas. To balance all this space, the vehicle must have large and high-quality promotional backdrops to compliment the advertising theme and attract the target market.


The TRIGA system can create magic at your dealership’s next promotion or product motor show.


The TRIGA system can be used for showroom display graphics and showroom fabric displays.



Triga Hospitality Setup



Whether it is a pop up bar you need and / or a backdrop for your event TRIGA is an ideal system that delivers on every front. The TRIGA desk is robust and strong with a graphic that can be easily interchangeable if the message changes or you can even add a video backdrop. The backdrop can be large or small depending on how much space you have or how much you want to be seen.








The TRIGA system offers the ideal solution for the retail environment in several ways, including window display, interior shop space allocations, wall mount advertising, pop up shop and pop up shop graphics


A set of interchangeable hardware can re-create a complete new atmosphere for every new fashion launch. Styled visual themes can also be packed away for the next season and re-used, when required. The visual print on the TRIGA’s unique material does not bend or crease and can be re-attached after long storage. By adding LED lights on the wall behind your message can be seen night and day.

Triga Office Divider Displays

Office Interiors


The TRIGA system offers space management solutions for any interior, promotional or branding challenge.


Our Banner Walls and Wall Mounts create branded backdrops that cater to specific themes or campaigns and provide an attractive background without the hassle or permanence of paintwork. Our display systems are ideal for corporate office space management and for temporary interior design solutions in function halls or expos.



Triga Backdrop and Podium



If you need to set up a welcome desk for delegates or backdrop in a hotel foyer ahead of your conference Triga is the ideal system. All components can be assembled in situ very quickly without the need for contractors meaning you can be less disruptive and respectful to your host.


Triga systems can be used for:

  • Portable green screen
  • Photo shoot background
  • Red carpet backdrop
  • Modular green screen




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