Road Shows

TRIGA® Displays, your perfect on the road companion


“Road shows” has become quite popular in the mix of marketing activities businesses explore. It provides the perfect platform to engage with customers and conduct training or product demonstrations. The challenge comes with ensuring consistent brand identity and professional display items without overloading the roadshow team with logistics and transport issues.


The solution for professionals with a busy travel schedule is a TRIGA® Go roadshow or activation kit. TRIGA® Go is the perfect travel companion and roadshow displays can be erected and taken down by a small team with speed and efficiency. Light weight, incredibly versatile and completely toolless to assemble, TRIGA® Go can be used to construct booths, walls, totems, towers, presentation backdrops and activation or demonstration counters. Transport your TRIGA® system in a normal vehicle or small van, depending on the size,


Save on budgets and mix-and-match or add to the TRIGA® Go system components to set up different configurations creating ever changing displays. All you need is new vibrant textile graphics and you are ready for the next campaign. Our comprehensive range of accessories provide solutions like lighting, brochure displays, 2D signage mounts and shelving.


Our modular TRIGA® Go system is truly an investment that will grow as your business evolves without going out of fashion.

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    99% Aluminium, 100%
    recyclable and lightweight

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    ABS Plastics for strength
    and its recycling qualities

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    Steel for both strength
    and stability

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