Exhibition / Show Stands

TRIGA® Solutions for exhibition display stands


The TRIGA® family of tensioned textile display solutions consists of simple aluminium parts, that are lightweight and easy to assemble with no tools required. The completed expo display structure is then clad in seamless and vibrantly printed textile graphics resulting in a professional, eye-catching exhibition stand. The unique TRIGA® tensioning system provides a tight fit that removes any visible creases from the graphic, resulting in a show stopping, crease-free display.


With TRIGA® Go and Max, complete exhibition stands can be erected and taken down by small teams in the blink of an eye, as opposed the hours or days long builds traditionally required. Transportation of bulky exhibition components is also truly in the past and stand builds can be managed with speed and efficiency.


TRIGA textile displays also offer a huge advantage where space is limited. TRIGA walls and associated structures are not as bulky as rigid panels and the fabric prints can be easily removed after the exhibition, folded and stored for re-use. Taking down a rigid structure involves manpower and more complicated transport logistics and with TRIGA transport can be achieved in a normal vehicle or small van depending on the size of the stand.


TRIGA® Displays offer two solutions for exhibition stand construction. TRIGA® Max is our flagship product and perfectly suited to the exhibition industry where customization and increased versatility is required. Use TRIGA® Max for:


  • Larger activations and display applications with high structures (walls or towers) that exceed 2.5m in height.
  • Curved walls and towers (Convex or Concave)
  • Any angled designs. TRIGA® Max can be configured at 45-degree angles.
  • Weight bearing structures. E.g., Shelving, LCD screens, cabling with brochure racks or displays, magnetic attachments etc.
  • Shell mount applications to clad traditional shell scheme stands in seamless textile prints.
  • Can accept rigid panelling.


TRIGA® Go is exceptionally light and compact, making it the perfect travel companion in terms of portability


  • Small to medium sized exhibition stands, brand walls, presentation backdrops, pop-up stores and other instore activations.
  • Walls, towers, booths and totems up to 2.5m in height.
  • For structures where 90-degree angles are required.
  • Low or no weight bearing structures.
  • Professionals with a busy travel schedule.
  • Multiple events per annum with very tight set-up times.


Our comprehensive range of accessories enhances the design of your stand and provide solutions like lighting, brochure displays, 2D signage mounts, shelving, bulkheads and more.


TRIGA® Displays Systems are truly scalable and can be adapted as your exhibition needs evolve, whether it’s a small 9sqm booth or a 120sqm mega stand. Our modular options are truly an investment that will grow as your business grows without going out of fashion.

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