display tables

Using display tables to showcase your brand’s products

You could place them on a drab, uninspired shelf and hope that people notice, or you could put them into the spotlight with display tables and stands that are sure to capture any wandering eyes.

Free standing display stands can be deployed indoors in retail businesses and at outdoor events. They are lightweight yet durable, and capable of supporting a range of weights. Because of their modular design, display stands can be adapted to decrease or increase merchandise capacity by modifying shelves, or by placing additional display stands on the side.

It is not only the quantity and weight of merchandise that can be adapted, but also the size of products. Display stands can be employed to display all manner of goods including, for example, snacks, toys, toiletries, comics, magazines, clothing items, small appliances and everything in between. The only limit is your imagination.

It is easy to slide branding panels and headers in and out of the display stands, which allows for fast in-store changes to accommodate new products or marketing material.

Display tables are another popular promotional tool in the retail industry. To the uninitiated they are just another surface to put things on top of. But to a retailer a display table can become the focal point of the store. Just like display stands, display tables come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. By adding props, mannequins, pedestals or different advertising material you can create differing heights, which draws attention and stimulates a shopping impulse. They are especially popular in clothing and book stores, but are so versatile they can be deployed in virtually any retail environment.

Tiered display tables are useful in locations where floor space is very limited as they allow you to stack your goods vertically. Nesting display tables, where each surface is slightly smaller than the one below it, creating a cascading effect, are a catchy way of displaying your products. Round, square or rectangular display tables are perfect for when you want your products to take centre stage.

All in all, when you combine various display stands and display table formats you create a dynamic and interesting retail space that is engaging and stimulating for your customers, increasing the potential of them spending more.

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