TRIGA® Max Counters

Flat Pack Branded Expo Counter / Display Table


TRIGA® Max counters or display table are ideal for events, road-shows and any scenario where a robust, flat pack counter or demonstration desk is required. With a load capacity of 480kg, there is little TRIGA® Max counters cannot support.  Interchangeable printed textile skins mean you can change the look and feel of your expo counter at minimal cost to suit your event or promotions campaign.


TRIGA® Max counters also conveniently flat pack into wheel bags demanding little storage space. Tool less assembly minimises installation time onsite and dependence on ancillary  equipment. Expo counters are also modular, allowing you to scale the size of the counter based on your requirements.


  • Unit flat packs
  • Tool-less assembly and dis-assembly
  • Comes with a wheel bag
  • Straight or curved units possible
  • Standard configuration or custom sizing available
  • Modular assembly, add modules to extend your counters


Pedestal Counter

  • 0.5m(w) x 0.5m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 0.6m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.2m(h)


Rectangular Counter

  • 1.0m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 1.6m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 2.0m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)


Curved Counter

  • 3.0m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 1.6m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 2.2m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 3.2m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.0m(h)


Serving Counter

  • 2.0m(w) x 0.8m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 3.0m(w) x 0.8m(d) x 1.0m(h)
  • 4.0m(w) x 0.8m(d) x 1.0m(h)
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