Pull up banners are a perfect display solution

pull up bannersPosters are a great way to combine text, graphics and photographs into bold snippets of what your brand is all about. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and simple to place on a wall. But what if your walls already have information on them, or have a design you don’t wish to obscure? What if there are no walls in your space at all?

What are pull up banners?

Pull up banners, which are also known as roll up banners, are the ideal solution. A pull up banner is like a freestanding poster that does not require a wall in order to be exhibited. The banner rolls up into its base, and is light and portable enough to be carried from one location to another in a relatively small bag. In addition to ease of transportation, this portability makes them convenient to store.

The banner itself is made from durable fabric, onto which high-definition graphics or photographs can be printed. Because a pull up banner is freestanding, you have the benefit of displaying your branding on two sides. This is especially effective in places where traffic flows in two directions, like shopping malls, for example.

How to use your roll up banners

Several pull up banners can be placed next to each other to create a light wall or division. And when one is not enough, you could print a large graphic or photograph across several roll up banners, creating a movable billboard for your brand. There are many applications for roll up banners.

You could, for example, place banners with corporate principles and general information in the reception area of an office building, so your customers can get better acquainted with your brand when they arrive. At sporting events, they can be used to display team-specific information, or advertising for sponsors. Roll up banners are ideal for hotel lobbies, schools, stores, restaurants, hospitals, and a whole host of other locations.

With their various sizes and different sizes, there is a pull up banner to suit your budget and objective. There is no reason your next event or work environment should not benefit from these essential promotional assets. Contact Triga Display Systems today to assist you with all your banner needs.