Exhibition Stands from Triga

All Triga products are designed with modularity and reusability in mind.


Self Build is possible with all products, but you don’t have to, we offer a full stand building service to make things even easier.


Whether you want to build a simple flat wall for your shell scheme, 2 sided or 3 sided display stands, or a multi functional stand with shelves, TV and curves, there is a Triga product for you.


Check out both our Triga Go and Triga Max ranges below, and whilst both systems provide very different stand designs, they work in a very similar way, ensuring you always get a fantastic exhibition stand for your business.


Our newest, exciting addition to the TRIGA® display family.

TRIGA® Go is an affordable, ultra lightweight solution with an integrated graphic rail and tensioner that reduces the system componentry to only three main parts, allowing you to achieve lightweight displays no matter the size.

Triga Max Logo

TRIGA® MAX is the original TRIGA®

Introduced over a decade ago and still a showstopper in the industry. The secret is in the “self-tensioning” TRIGA box which allows you to simply press a button and apply seamless tension to the fabric surface of your display. Create stunning self build display systems that you can use again and again.

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