How does TRIGA® Work?

TRIGA® is an extremely simple concept, you build your frame, put up your fabric graphics, and use the patented TRIGA® tensioning system to tension the fabric, which holds the graphic taut and in place.


As a completely tool-less system with no special installation skills required, it is an ideal system to self-build


Watch our video below to see a bit more information

What is the difference between TRIGA® Max and TRIGA® Go?

Max was our original product, created in 2006 and is perfect for displays up to 5 metres or displays that need extra support such as shelving systems etc,. Go is the latest addition to our range, and is designed for smaller displays (up to 2.5 metre). Some of the key differences are:

  • Height: Go can be constructed up to 2.5 metres high, Max can be constructed up to  5 metres high.
  • Configuration: Go can create any display with a 90 degree angle, Max can be configured in 45 degree angles.
  • Curved Displays: Max is capable of creating curved displays.
  • Extra Features: Max has an additional range of extra features including shelving systems & LCD TV Mounts and will accept solid panels if required
  • Go is supplied so it can be configured single sided or double sided. With additional hardware Max can be made double sided
  • Max can be fixed to a wall to create a smooth eye catching wall panel that is interchangeable whenever you want
  • Both Max and Go are modular so you can ‘add to or take away’ to suit the space you need, and can both be built to any length,
  • Max and Go can be configured to create a reception desk or product placement structure

Can I mount TRIGA® onto an existing Shell Scheme at at exhibition?

Possibly yes, you’ll need to check the specifics of the shell scheme with the organisers and we’ll be able to confirm. If you’re not sure what to ask them, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you.


We are able to mount our TRIGA® tensioning systems directly onto many shell scheme units, which means you won’t need to buy all our our hardware, just the tensioning units, graphic rails and the fabric printed graphics.

Can I add lighting to my TRIGA® system?

Yes we can provide exhibition stands with lighting. Whether it is single or double sided system TRIGA® lighting has the answer

I have a curved magnetic pop up system which fits comfortably within a shell scheme, why change?

On average exhibitors pay £300 per sq. metre for floor space at a major exhibition. A 3 x 3 curved system footprint reduces the space available on your stand by 1.5 sq. m. That’s £450 wasted in unusable space. Triga ‘hugs’ the walls of your stand space maximising the floor space you have purchased


The graphic panels on a pop up system can easily be damaged along the edges when storing or installing. When one panel is damaged they all have to be changed.


Pop up systems have a fixed footprint area so when you want to add an extra dimension then you need to buy a new system. TRIGA® is modular so you can just ‘add to or remove’ to suit.


Graphic panels for a TRIGA® system are substantially cheaper than pop up panels making a decision to change your message less of a financial one.

I've been using pop up banners for years, these are fine for me

Pop up or roller banners may be perfect for you, TRIGA® isn’t for everyone, but if you want that eye catching, seamless and professional exhibition display, TRIGA® is the perfect product for your business.


If everyone else is using banner stands, don’t you want your business to stand out?

Can I hire a TRIGA® system from you?

Yes, we are able to provide exhibition stands to rent, this is a popular option with our TRIGA® Max range.


If you are considering renting an exhibition stand, get in touch and we’ll be able to discuss the options with you.

What is the warranty period?

Graphics is a 12 month manufacturers warranty, although to date we’ve never had any issues. Any likely issues would be with printing which are fully quality checked in house.


The TRIGA® hardware is a lifetime manufacturers warranty, but as there are so few moving parts there isn’t much that can go wrong.


Fabric Printed Graphics, I've never seen this before, what is it?

Fabric Printed Graphics have been around for many years, and are continuing to increase in popularity. They are printed using a process called dye sublimation and involves using heat and pressure to bond the ink within the material, much like patterns that are printed onto clothing material.

What are the benefits of fabric printed graphics?

There are many benefits with fabric printed graphics, including:

  • The colours attained are brighter and stronger than traditional print processes.
  • The dye sublimated material is substantially lighter per sq. metre  than other printed substrates
  • You can cover much larger areas without needing any breaks in the print area. No tricky lining up with the adjoining panel for example

Do I need tools to install my graphics?

Absolutely not. The graphics have edging strip sewn into the top and bottom, which are seated into graphic rails on the system. The tension is applied at the top and bottom which pulls the graphic taut, all being held in place reliably with the edging strips.

How big can fabric printed graphics go?

Fabric printed graphics can be created in a single piece up to 5 metres high and almost as wide as you want.


The biggest single sheet we’ve created so far is 26 metres, but our South African partners hold the record at 3 metre high by 75 metres wide.

Do I have to have everything printed onto 1 fabric sheet?

Not at all. The benefit of printing onto a single fabric panel is you have no gaps or joins in your display, but remembering the TRIGA® system is modular and can be re-used for other smaller displays, having individual graphics that make up part of a larger display can also then be re-used on smaller setups.


The choice is yours, you can always get new graphics printed later too.

Why not use solid panels for the graphics instead of fabric?

Solid panels have been a popular option for many years, but they are heavier and are generally more expensive. Large boards (typically 2.5m  1.2m) need to be transported in a large van which adds to the cost if you are wanting to self- build. Large solid panels are also prone to getting easily damaged either during transportation or installation.


Imagine setting up your display at an exhibition when you have a limited time, and you’re already tired, the last thing you want is to carrying big boards around with you. Graphics are lighter, can be folded and make transportation much easier.

Do you design the graphics for me?

If you have an in house graphic team or a company who does the graphics for you, we will send you guidelines on sizing & format etc. once the full system size has been agreed.


If you do not have any in house graphic designers, we can support you with this with our graphic design teams.


How much is delivery?

Delivery depends on the size of your order, the more you order the more it weighs, a full quote can be provided.


As a guide, our most common package is our Ambassador U Booth, which is 9 Metres of length, most commonly used as a U booth in a 3 metre x 3 metre area, delivery for this would typically be under £20

Do you provide installation and removal?

Absolutely, we’d be happy to provide a full setup and installation service. A full quote would be provided once we understand your requirements as we need to know location, size of setup and therefore the time we would need.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we have a full training solution available, where we can show you or your team how to setup and dismantle the system, allowing you to self-build at your next event.


All orders also come with our setup manual which gives you full information on all the components and how they go together, many of our customers have successfully used this to build the stands themselves.


I'm not sure what I need, can you help?

Absolutely, get in touch and we’ll be happy to speak with you.


We offer a completely free and no obligation consultation service where we can further understand your requirements and offer the best advice possible.

What if I need more than TRIGA® can offer?

We have experience with lots of other product ranges, and have strong partnerships with other suppliers within the industry. If TRIGA® isn’t right for you, we will be able to find a solution for you.

Do you provide any other signage and display solutions?

Our partner company Paul Turner Displays, has over 35 years in the signage, printing and display solutions, meaning we have access to a wide range of solutions.


If there’s anything else you’re looking for that you think isn’t quite a TRIGA® product, get in touch to see if we can help you.

Want to know more? Get in touch.