Triga Display Systems

Bringing dreams into reality…

Tom Catterall, graphic designer and valued Triga contributor tells us why Triga is a perfect medium to create an eye catching and efficient display solution.

“As a photographer and designer the end goal of the creative process is often overlooked. Whilst it is all well and good making something look good and pop on a computer screen, the translation into a real-world, physical and actually useful design can be a difficult transition to achieve. This is particularly relevant when it comes to display stands and large format printing. Traditional panel-based exhibition stands just aren’t versatile enough, having to take into consideration join lines, working to constricting templates and the material they are often printed on.

Step forward Triga!

I was introduced to Triga Exhibition Systems and haven’t looked back since. Triga uses a fabric tensioning system, the first of its kind, allowing the design to be printed without any kind of breaks or joins, creating a seamless surface that really stands out amongst competitors.

Triga Display Systems Blank Backdrop


This is a real break-through for designers because it takes away the unnecessary time of working to templates so we can really focus on the stuff that matters – getting customers to engage with a display stand. There’s then the added benefit of Triga systems coming in different sizes and styles, giving you the flexibility you really need.

When selling the Triga idea into a client it is essentially a simple task. Mention the 80:20 formula and they are instantly interested – I can replace the artwork on the fabric at any time for only 20% of the original price? No brainer when you consider artwork on traditional display stands can’t be renewed once they are printed. The client is making a worthwhile investment into the Triga technology and will be rewarded over time with lower print and running costs.

The benefits are really starting to add up.

The uses for a Triga display system really are endless. Imagine a 20ft wide, 10ft high display stand with a vibrant city scape and LEDs lighting up strategic points on the stand. With Triga this vision is a reality and can be realised quickly.

Triga Display Systems - Cityscape


Jump to the other side of the spectrum and a Triga Display System could be used as a green/blue screen for use in filmmaking and video editing.

Triga Display Systems - Green screen

Triga will follow your imagination – start with a blank canvas, produce the ideas, bring it to life – it’s as simple as that!”