expo displays

Boost the impact of your expo displays with these great ideas

Creating an expo display that stand out should always be your first priority at an expo. In addition to standing out you also need to make sure they are compact, modular and lightweight enough for one person to carry. Combined with a quality sales team and you will have a winning combo at any trade show you decide to display your business.

Colour schemes and imagery.

But how will you know if your stand has what it takes to pop? Is that really all that it takes to have a successful expo display? How will you attract the attention of prospective clients without being too obtuse about your marketing materials? Well, when it comes to choosing a colour scheme, you’ll need to choose something that’s inline with your company brand. You might want to have it designed by a professional designer if you haven’t got the eye for that kind of thing.

High quality, printed tension-fabric that covers a sturdy aluminium frame is where you need to be looking. Clear prints with legible logos, text and imagery is key to delivering a concise message. If your product has a lot of info, then brochure stands are a great way to go. Your clients can pick up an information booklet to read or take home, in case all your staff are busy.

Some accessories for your expo display stand.

LED strip lighting is an ideal, low-powered solution that can be used in many different ways. You can have your entire expo display stand lit at a fraction of the power consumption of regular lighting. Mounting systems for display monitors are ideal for keeping them head height, and easy to look at. The motion graphics are always a great eye-catcher for people passing by, and you can deliver a lot more information to your prospective clients using video.

Shelving will allow you to create extra display space for more products or decorating the display stand. Cabling systems are essential for keeping your trade show stand looking neat and tidy. Many of these things are simple but effective ways of making your show booth a memorable place for people to stop by.