Are Live Events Safe?

Following the announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown, we expect to see a strong resurgence of live events, including exhibitions and trade shows, but people are still asking whether they are safe?


Businesses who setup these events, have a vested interest to ensure their exhibitors and visitors are safe, not only from Covid but comfortable and secure at a location with hundreds if not thousands of other people. These organisers already carry out risk assessments and take precautions to ensure their events run safely and smoothly, and the government approved All Secure Standard Risk Assessment Framework makes this an even more stringent process, with key considerations for Covid19.


Event organisers that we have spoken to, all know that events will be different and the majority agree events need to be different, we will not just return to a business as usual pre pandemic attitude. Organisers will have to consider additional screening measures at the entry points, more sanitiser and other hygiene solutions within the event space, making better use of the space within the location to allow people to move around while maintaining some degree of social distancing, and all accept that initially there may be a smaller footfall at exhibitions. However that footfall will be of greater quality, after-all the people that are visiting are more likely to have a genuine interest in the event and not just be there for a day out. Prior to the second lockdown in December 2021 event organisers had already shown that events could be held that were Covid secure and indeed many trials that were undertaken exceeded current government requirements


If we look at how a live event or exhibition may look compared to a supermarket, somewhere we all have to visit often weekly, there is no doubt which will be the safer. Supermarkets, while they have adapted to the changes are not properly geared up for the changes. Some supermarkets control the number of people entering but not all, meaning there are often more people than there safely should be. Most supermarkets have hand sanitiser at the entry, but how many people actually use it and who polices it? As for the aisle width, well I’m sure we’ve all got stories where you didn’t need to reach out too far to touch someone but without re-designing the store layout this isn’t going to change, and the one way system didn’t really work in that environment; this is almost the opposite of how exhibitions and events will look.


All in all, there is a lot going on now and in the future that will make events, exhibitions and other live events an extremely safe environment. We’re not sure they’ll be as popular as the local pub to begin with, but we can promise you won’t get the same hangover (well, it depends on the event doesn’t it).


We’ll certainly be there, and we look forward to seeing you.