Sustainability And TRIGA® Displays


TRIGA® Display’s design and construction maximize its service life and minimize the chance it will end up disposed of quickly. Careful engineering of every component has resulted in a unique product, manufactured from materials that are all easily recyclable.


  1. A TRIGA® Display was engineered as a dynamic “system” that can be expanded and reconfigured to meet changing needs. Customers are more likely to change the configuration or graphics and add parts rather than discarding & replacing the unit. This is where the unparalleled versatility of a TRIGA® Display cements it’s long service life.
  2. A TRIGA® Display’s construction is more durably than most commonly sold display systems. We have customers with units that have been in operation for over a decade and still going strong. Imagine the cost savings and reduction in waste.
  3. In the unfortunate event of damage to a TRIGA® Display parts are easily repaired or replaced and the unit can be put back into service.

Construction Materials Used


We utilise materials that offer recycling opportunities, such as aluminium and ABS injection moulded componentry to help ease the burden on our planet. When a TRIGA® Display’s useful life has finally ended, it can be easily recycled due to the nature of the construction materials our engineers have selected.



The bulk of a TRIGA® Display is aluminium and aluminium is a 100 percent recyclable with no downgrading of its qualities. The re-melting of aluminium requires little energy: only about 5 percent of the energy required to produce the primary metal from its original source, bauxite ore. Today, aluminium is the most commonly recycled postconsumer metal in the world.



We use steel only for the feet of our TRIGA® Display units. So on a 3m wall roughly 5% will be steel only. Steel’s magnetic properties make it the easiest type of metal to sort and recover for recycling. Recycling 1 ton of steel scrap saves 80% of the CO2 emissions produced when making steel from iron ore.


ABS Thermoplastic:

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)is a non-toxic thermoplastic commonly used in industry. ABS undergoes a patented process called continuous mass polymerization, which once this process is done, results in ABS. It is perfect for recycling and new products can easily be made from recycled ABS.

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    99% Aluminium, 100%
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    ABS Plastics for strength
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    Steel for both strength
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