About Triga

Triga is an international company that designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes patented fabric display tensioning systems throughout Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and are continuously expanding our international footprint.


The Triga system was invented and developed by South African engineers Alphons Du Toit and Dietmar Renner of Technimark Advanced Prototyping Services. The research and development for the product started in 2004 and TRIGA MAX was launched in 2006, with TRIGA GO added to the portfolio in 2019.

The Triga solution is tool-less, lightweight (compared to most systems currently on the market) and is reconfigurable. The graphic is tensioned when on the system so no problem with the graphic ‘fitting’ the framework.


The lightweight nature of Triga translates into a number of benefits, such as decreased transport costs, storage costs and, as you can build it yourself, reduced install costs. Our custom solutions are transported in lightweight wheeled bags and carry bags. Using our engineered system is extremely cost effective as the initial investment in the hardware delivers its return on investment time after time. The system can be adapted every time for new use by simply changing the print or the configuration

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